Client Specs

Technical Specifications

When delivering a project for post sound services, an OMF/AAF file should be exported from Final Cut Pro/Avid Media Composer.

• 2 Pop:
Before exporting, please be sure to include a “2 Pop” on your timeline, for both picture and sound.
With apologies to those who know, here is the basic idea: Put a one-frame audio beep and a corresponding graphical “2″ on the screen. This event should happen exactly two seconds before the first frame of action of your project. If your project is digitally based and will likely stay that way, it is common for the “2 pop” to go at 00:59:58:00, with the “first frame of action” landing on 01:00:00:00. If your project is being delivered split into A/B reels for an eventual film print release, it is best to use an Academy leader, with “picture-start” at 01:00:00:00, the “2 Pop” at 01:00:06:00, and the “first frame of action” at 01:00:08:00.

• Handles:
When exporting the .OMF, the “Audio Handles” (which contains the audio before and after the edit) should be set to at least 10 seconds. We would love the whole take, if practical. OMF files can not exceed 2GB, so if you incur a problem with the size restraint, please divide the project vertically, including only a third or half of the tracks in the first OMF, and the rest in the second, and third, etc. Please label each OMF to clearly indicate which tracks it contains.

• Bit Depth and Sample Rate:

24-Bit and 48KHz

The Quicktime video associated with the project should be exported from Final Cut Pro/Avid Media Composer as Apple ProRes 422 (.mov) and 1280×720 in size.

Delivery Specifications

• FTP:
Gigantic Post’s FTP address for uploading and downloading data is as follows:
Please contact us directly for Username and Password.

Right click the following link to download the Excel Spreadsheet document for more organized ADR/Foley cue spotting: ADR/Foley Cue Sheet.